Professional Video Production In Your Marketing

Posted by admin on December 29th, 2008

Video production is the art of creating artistic video presentations using audio and video to produce movies or other video content with the use of a video camera, video editing tools and software. The end product may be used for business or personal use such as corporate events, special occasions and celebrations. Video production companies also require a physical space to work on film, edit and even film in closed settings. Some video production companies only work on weddings or other events and will require the videographer go to the client.

Video production operations that require streaming video include ingest, editing and playout. Each concurrently accessed stream of video consumes a portion of the Volume’s total minimum available bandwidth.

But you got what you paid for when it came to image quality. The challenge of the independent video producer was to always balance the quality of the image with the cost of the gear, and most often quality lost. But if you are searching for a stunning and priceless record of the most important day of your life – you have come to the right place. But perhaps he figured that he will get better quality encoding from 640×480 input files, than he would get from his capture program’s quick-and-dirty downsampling done in realtime during capture. Unless there is hardware doing the downsampling, this may be true.

But if potential clients and customers don’t know you exist, or can’t find you -what do you do? But did you know we also have an award winning Video Production department capable of handling all types of projects; from television commercial production and corporate marketing videos to personal family and wedding videos. We also have the ability to deliver your projects on whatever format you desire, including Streaming Video and Email Video Services.

Social Media Optimization is growing, with the likes of and, a video production professional must have the creative and have the technical expertise to put your business on the web. Get your message out to the world via a professionaly produced video. The web is a fantastic financial resource for your business that only continues to grow. Social media marketing is the answer to connecting to your customers where they are already interacting: social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twiiter.

Elements Of A Professional Video Production

Posted by admin on November 3rd, 2008

The market influx of video cameras and video recorders along with video websites like You Tube and Meta Cafe and others have launched a whole new generation of people interested in video production and producing videos. The price of many high end video cameras and high definition video cameras has made the availability of professional quality video production higher than in times past. This in itself does not guarantee a high quality finished product. There are a number of elements that a professional videographer will take into account when producing a production. This goes far beyond just shooting the video.

One of the most important elements of a professionally produced video production is the quality and technique of providing good lighting. Many so called production specialists pay no attention to the element of quality lighting on the subject. Often overlooked this is a crucial part of any video shoot.

Another often overlooked aspect of a video production is the sound. Often a after thought, having clean and clear audio is crucial to the entire video. Without good sound the entire production could be compromised.

Enough cannot be said about the quality of the editing. Another very important factor in any well done video production is making sure the editing of the production is smooth, without meaningless graphics and distractions. Proper pacing in the video is crucial to the eye and overall view of the video once it is completed. Is the pace fast and choppy, or slow, smooth and flows with the music or voice over.

The last but not the least important aspect of the shoot is the video itself. Are you shooting just to fill time or is your shot on purpose, fulfilling a crucial role in the production. A secret of producing a quality production and making sure it is pleasing to the eye is the composition of each shot. If you view each shot as a still and can communicate

Tampa Advertising Company – A Few Good…

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A Few Good Creative (Stop at Nothing)

Choosing the best advertising company can be a difficult thing. Finding an advertising company that can handle all your requirements even more difficult. Big U Media is an advertising company that can handle it all. Print, logo, Video, air time, direct marketing, jingles and internet marketing. Big U Media does it all. One company to handle all your advertising and marketing needs.
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Tampa Video Productions

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A new video production from the crew. The Sirata Beach Resort and Conference Center located right on St. Pete Beach is the location. It doesn’t get much better than this.

The Sirata Beach Resort and Conference Center is a beautiful location for your next vacation or business conference. This short commercial courtesy of Big U Media in Tampa Bay Florida.

Tampa Video Production – Big U Media

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The video production industry creates videos for a wide range of demands, from safety videos for use in corporate environments to medical training videos for use in teaching. A promotional video production from one of your sales or customer service representatives can give your website the personal touch it needs to set it apart from the competition and potentially generate valuable leads.

Online corporate promotional videos can also serve as excellent training and demonstration content to bring the employees within companies up to speed within minutes instead of having to arrange a costly, time consuming, and often inconvenient meeting.

Once you have your video how will you reproduce it? Big U Media offers Video Duplication. Once your film is complete, professional video production equipment will enable copies that maintain the sound and video quality of your master video. They then can be used in a variety of different methods for marketing and advertising purposes.

Big U Media does Professional Video Production in Tampa Bay. Our Emmy award wining videographer can design, shoot and edit your complete production. Your Video has a purpose. Let Big U Media design a video that will touch all the sense and make your purpose known.

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tampa video production

We are often asked by clients about the difference between HD and SD Video Production, so I thought I might have a go at trying to break it down. The differences come down to two things, Aspect ratio and resolution. Resolution refers to the total number of pixels displayed. Aspect ratio refers to the relative height and width of the display. Here is a comparison between the two:

1. Standard Definition uses an native aspect ratio of 4:3 and is 640 pixels wide by 482 pixels high, for a total number of 308, 480 pixels.

2. High Definition uses an native aspect ratio of 16:9 (commonly referred to as wide-screen) and is 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high, for a total number of 2,073,600 pixels.

High Definition Video

Simply Put, High Definition gives more than 6x the detail of standard video.

“How To Incorporate Video Into your Marketing Plan.”

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New technologies in video production equipment combined with the emergence of videos particularly digital videos as an acceptable medium for film has made it possible for almost anyone to become a film director virtually overnight.

While the cost of film and film equipment is financially prohibitive, video production equipment is relatively inexpensive and can be mastered quite quickly. While there is a great deal more to the art of film that just having the right equipment, the accessibility of video production equipment has encouraged many amateur filmmakers to give it their best shot. Understanding the basics of video production equipment is the first step to becoming the next Steven Spielberg.

Contact Big U Media today for more information on how you can incorporate Video Production into your business and make your marketing and advertising more effective.

Big U Media Secures An Emmy Award Winning Videographer

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Tampa, FL – April 15, 2008 Big U Media a Tampa Florida Advertising and Marketing company welcomes Joseph Bamford to its video production team. Joseph Bamford began his career in video production and photo journalism in 1991. In 2003 Mr. Bamford was awarded an Emmy Award for his photo journalism. Big U Media is a full service commercial video production company that produces and edits videos for all types of businesses in Florida.



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Founded in 2003, Big U Media helps is a true one stop shop for advertisers. We provide campaigns for television, radio and print media. Full service video production of promotional videos. We help advertisers to reach their target market using various methods of advertising and marketing. Big U Media also offers complete Audio/Visual services. Professional installation of video conferencing, audio systems and digital signage.


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View press release here:Press Release: Big U Media Secures An Emmy Award Winning Videographer

Tampa Video Production

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You always hear about video production companies talking about “We have the state-of-the-art equipment this or we have the most experience that,” it goes on and on but the bottom line is you have to have those things for your company to survive. The truth is it is about building relationships with people and your clients. You have to develop a relationship with your clients and you HAVE TO HAVE their best interests at heart. That’s the truth! No equipment and no amount of experience is going to take the place of those two things. At Big U Media we win because our client wins FIRST.

Bobby Fontaine CEO/Owner

How To Post To This Blog

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I just wanted to post a video of how to post a comment on this blog. It is not difficult and the video goes into detail of how it can be done and how to do it effectively in order to get the best results from your post.