Article Marketing And Keyword Elite – A Great Instrument For Online Success

Article marketing is one of the most effective tools for internet marketing apart from pay per click and posters on the web as there is very les investment that is required in this field. You can gather a lot of traffic to your website by making use of article marketing and so it is regarded to be an effective source of marketing. This is reason for which article marketing is emerging as an efficient tool. Some of these methods are made simpler by the use of Keyword Elite.

Although the article marketing is facing very heavy competition in the market an appropriate method of approach can help in achieving organisational goals. The readers and the search engine spiders are attracted by the language and the usage of keywords respectively; hence these things should be taken due care. The conclusion to this is that there can be good traffic generated onto the site if at all the article is explored to its limits.

While you may be writing the article it is important that you not only have information in your article but also have tips and guidelines which are useful for the reader to take the further decision. The chief objective of submitting a particular article in the article directory is making the reader visit your site mentioned at the end of the article.

There will be great popularity and identification among the readers if the articles written by you are more. Half the desired goals will be accomplished once the readers start considering you as a professional in the field of writing thus making them act the way you wish. This is very important and has to be remembered. One more thing that is necessary to avoid failure in article marketing is that the article posted should not be irrelevant and pointless. Such articles only have a negative attraction due to over usage of the keywords and may not convince the readers. As a result of this negative publicity the business may face a loss in article marketing.

The article directories online have a high page ranking and if you post the link of your client’s website, it will be very beneficial. It has never been difficult to understand why article marketing is so popular its because it can be seen that this posting practice on the directories is offering so many benefits. Thus, article marketing is becoming increasingly famous among the online marketers and there is also a lot of scope for its development in the near future.

Clients will get one of those moments of realization when they become aware of the fact that they can come to your website for further information of the same excellent quality, and this is an exceptional method to pull in new guests from an extremely appreciated resource for relevant content. There are numerous other benefits associated with internet marketing through article marketing, but these should jump start your thinking processes when it comes to crafting articles to bring new visitors to your website. If you are serious about internet marketing, writing articles for syndication for the purpose of article marketing is certainly an advantageous way for you to go.

Here are the top article directories today:


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Matt Cutts Shares 5 SEO Tips with USA Today

Posted by admin on June 25th, 2008

USA Today recently asked Google’s Matt Cutts for tips to help sites rank in their search engine. Cutts offered up 5 tips plus a word of advice in implementing the tips. Here they are:
Spotlight your search term on the page. If you want to be found for your keyword, make sure that term is on the page you want to rank. The term should be at the top as well as peppered throughout your copy.
Fill in your “tags.” The two most important tags are Title and Description b/c thats what is displayed on the search results.
Get other sites to “link” back to you. This is one of the most important of the 100 factors Google considers when ranking sites
Create a blog and post often. This can help you get links.
Register for free tools. Cutts recommends using the tools at, as well as creating a text-based sitemap, and adding your business to Google’s Local Business center (

And that word of advice? Dont overdo it.

Read the rest of the article:

Qassia – Free Authority One Way Links

Posted by admin on May 31st, 2008

A good friend of mine just told me about a fairly new site called Qassia where you can add links to an unlimited number of sites. Qassia is well ranked and indexed in the search engines, so acts as a very good source of quality backlinks.

They also have an ad revenue sharing system, so any traffic your Qassia pages get could be earning a little extra cash for you as well. I don’t think it will be enough to make it worthwhile as an income stream, but for extra backlinks, it’s well worth the effort.

There’s not really that much extra to say about it, other than to check them out and sign up – it’s free and looks like it’s going to offer some valuable authority links to your sites. Check out Qassia here.

Once you’ve signed up, click on the link for “Dashboard” and there’ll you’ll find a link to the user manual titled “how to promote your websites on qassia“. This tells you exactly how to add your sites to your account.

If you have lots of sites, or a mixture of white hat and black hat sites, you want to consider opening seperate accounts for each.

Develop Stronger Brand Recognition Through SEO

Posted by admin on May 29th, 2008

Branding and brand recognition has always been one of the most important aspects of a thriving popular company. However it is also a very difficult thing to achieve, total market saturation with brand awareness is what everyone dreams off, yet only a very few companies will actually achieve this level of market awareness.

One of the most important parts of developing a strong brand is to keep it constantly in front of your customers and potential customers on a consistent basis. Previously this use to be done with massive marketing campaigns by the major companies, billboard ads, television, radio and anywhere else they can put their brand.

With the Internet and massive popularity of search engines like Google this has made the “game” of putting yourself in-front of a massive audience a much easier process.

Imagine for a moment that you can on a daily basis put your company and brand potentially in front of 1000’s of new eyes every single day of the year for a faction of the price of traditional media?

This is consistent brand expansion happening on a daily basis with your exact target demographic.

You would be crazy not to do something like that right?

Well this is possible, and search engine optimization or SEO is how its done.  By targeting your business the most effective way online you not only build your brand, but, also your business.

How To Get Your Blog Ranked Fast!

Posted by admin on March 5th, 2008

Blogs have been around long enough to become standard elements of the web landscape. They’re easy to construct and manage, they create fresh, user-generated content and, if done well, blogs draw crowds and the attention of search engines.

Whether starting out with a new domain name, or a domain that’s been around for a decade, you can rank your blog on Google if you just do what Google tells you to do. So here are some tips to get your blog ranked by the world’s biggest search engine.


1. Build a WordPress blog. WordPress is a blog platform that’s open source (free), robust, extensible and easy to use. Add Feedburner, which equips site owners to broadcast RSS feeds and develop user metrics. Next, synch up Google Analytics and a sitemap plug-in to simplify populating the blog and developing useful, actionable metrics. Also, make sure your blog is pinging and other social-ranking sites like

2. Don’t worry about page rank. PR is highly over-rated as a yardstick of online success. It has less and less importance to ranking as the days go by. Connectivity within a web community and expansion through content syndication and guest blogging are more critical to building site credibility than page rank.

3. Make a difference, or at least have a clear purpose. Differentiate your content on every post. Cover lots of editorial ground. Unique meaningful content is crucial.

4. Use a conversational tone. Dry, boring academic writing is strictly for the textbooks. Write words that people “hear” instead of read. Personality is good.

5. Provide a “Tell Your Friends” link on your blog. Birds of a feather do, indeed, flock together. So, if one of your regulars shares an interest in philately, chances are s/he has other friends with an interest in stamp collecting.

6. Study the competition. They’re studying you. Check out to do a little undercover work on search analytics employed by competitor sites and their visitors. You can’t touch the content ,however, you can copy an idea, so pick up some new paths of thought from others in your site’s arena.

7. Remember SEO basics. Use provocative, keyword-rich title tags, meta keywords and descriptions, and only link to high-quality sites. Never over do it. Keep your posts relevant, natural, accurate and, above all, current.

8. Don’t stuff blog post titles with keywords. It’s a form of keyword stuffing and spiders hate keyword stuffing. The ratio in headlines should be 40% keywords, 60% non-keywords.

9. Submit your URL to blog directories. There are “best of the web,” and paid directories, like Yahoo, and free directories like the Open Directory project at Every directory listing is another link to your site and another way visitors can find you. Just google them to find more.

10. Create blog categories that contain keywords, i.e., Ecommerce, SEO, Affiliates, etc. for use with a “site hosting” or “site design” blog.

11. Content quality counts. Research topics about which target readers want to learn. Write something new, useful and relevant. And don’t forget to regularly update older posts. Things change fast on the web so last year’s “next big thing” is this year’s hackneyed cliché.

12. Vary topics, content length, relevancy and posting times. However, be consistent, as well. Keep blogging. It can take time for a blog to catch the notice of a search engine spider.

If you apply these 12 steps to your blog it will help you get your blog noticed. Big U Media specializes in search engine ranking and getting your site in front of the people that need to see it. Big U Media specializes in optimized Web Design. Tampa, Florida based Big U Media will work with you to help you establish your site goals and targets. Once this has been accomplished your site or blog can be marketed to its fullest potential.