Introduction to Video Conferencing

Posted by admin on November 13th, 2008

Any new technology follows a business implementation curve that has become an industry expectation.

As the new technology develops, the acceptance and quality are low, and the expense and difficulty are high. As the quality increases and the expense decrease we see a large swell in acceptance and popularity. Cell phones are a prime example of this phenomenon. So the question becomes, where is video conferencing on this timeline/curve?

Since 2000, the modern video conference system has become somewhat common place. It was still plagued by unreliability of the hardware, or codec, which has the responsibility of encoding voice, video and data and decoding the same signal from a compatible far end codec. During this same period, IP connectivity was completely unpredictable, so it was always recommended to use ISDN lines, just as you would use a phone line to make a phone call.

ISDN lines and long distance charges continued to make these calls cost prohibitive, and the quality was good, not great.

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Florida Video Conferencing – In High Definition

Posted by admin on July 2nd, 2008

While the cost of travel increases along with just about everything else it is nice to know some things have improved and offer greater value over time. With the advent of video conferencing many have spoken about its benefits but also its reservations. Through the years technology and know how have been able to drastically improve the visual and audio quality of video conferencing equipment. With High Definition Video Conferencing now the norm, users can enjoy visual and audio clarity that, just a few years ago would necessitate an extremely high end video conferencing equipment.

Just one example of this is provided by LifeSize High Definition video communications:

Virtual Travel with High Definition Videoconferencing

Virtual Travel with High Definition Videoconferencing

For more information regarding high definition video conferencing equipment contact: 1-813-984-2800

High Definition Video Conferencing offers real-life high definition video quality for office meetings. Bringing offices in 7 continents around the world connected together with life size video experience right in the office.   The HD camera that comes with the equipment offers life size video conferencing and a conferencing experience that is not possible with normal cameras.  How can you use high definition video conferencing to reach more businesses?  As the race for reaching out to global markets continues to spread worldwide, only those businesses who adapt and effectively use new technology to cut all round costs in marketing, operations and customer services will be competitive to grab the major share of global markets.

If your business takes you and your team to international markets, you need to consider LifeSize IP Video Conferencing for business presentations, product demonstrations and even conducting business meetings. Once you have a video conferencing system, you will wonder how you got along without one.  The HD Conference System offered by Lifesize adds the real life personal contact dimension without the cost and frustration of air travel and hotel bills while saving valuable time. It offers a practical solution for businesses at a fraction of the cost.

Here is a company now bringing the future into the present right in your office with their High Definition conferencing systems.  See it to believe it and schedule a demo of High Definition Video Conference System today.

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High Definition Video and Audio Conferencing

Posted by admin on March 4th, 2008

A New Generation of Collaboration Solutions
to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Organization

Polycom’s broadest array of High Definition video, voice and content sharing are helping business and organizations to increase accessibility, boost productivity, minimize travel needs and enhance collaboration. And it has the added benefit of being an environmentally friendly green technology that enables disperse workgroups to meet and collaborate virtually anywhere, at any time.

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  • High Definition video conferencing – what is required, comparisons, and why you should consider it.
  • Learn about the latest trends in video conferencing, recording and streaming, telepresence, firewall traversal and audio/video bridging.

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