Increase revenues from Autoresponders and Shopping Cart Integration

Autoresponders and shopping cart integration are extremely vital to your Internet marketing You should be aware that the absence of one on your website implies that you are losing out on huge bucks. You may even be responsible for the doomed fate of your online web marketing site. Ruthless as it may sound, it is true. One of the most important things you want to do when a customer hits the buy button, on your site, is to let them know their purchase has gone through and thank them for shopping with you.

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This can be accomplished with a simple autoresponder e-mail almost faster than you can blink your eyes. However, that’s not the end of your message or at least it shouldn’t be. Use this opportunity to subtly let your customers know about the different items available at your store and the current specials. Make the most of the “thank you” message that you send by mentioning accessory items related to the product just purchased by them.

To illustrate, assume that your customer purchases a name brand pair of shoes; in that case you should offer them a matching hand bag by the same designer. Add more appeal to your offer by mentioning a discount off the accessories. Concentrate! Irrespective of what you do, don’t make the mistake of including this offer on their e-mail sales receipt. You want your customers to be thrilled with their acquisition. You need to ensure that they feel like they are getting utmost importance on your on line shop and only they matter. Take the time to have a very special message prepared for your autoresponder and shopping cart integration. Enlisting the services of a professional writer is advisable in case you don’t write well. This particular writer should be proficient in writing warm and fuzzy messages. While it is an extra cost, it is also a onetime payout.

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You will get a ROI for your expense every time a customer responds to the follow up message sent by your autoresponder. Take utmost care not to kill the golden goose that laid the golden egg for you. Effectively, avoid over use of the autoresponder for incessantly sending deals to your customer. Keep in mind that you want your customers to think of you in a friendly way. Making the customer experience a special feeling is something you want. At the same time you need to be careful not to wear off your welcome. Send two to three messages on a monthly basis to keep the customer from forgetting your name. A fourth or fifth message is called for when you have a tremendous deal.

Well written e-mails will have a magical effect on your bottom line. Plainly speaking, it will be conducive to having a relationship with each of your customers in the long run. Customizing your e-mails in minor ways will demonstrate the importance of your autoresponder and integration with the shopping cart becomes manifest each time you look at your bottom line.

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